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In addition to our online t-shirts store, offering a comprehensive collection of
creatively designed shirts we also manage and operate a reputable merchandising and textile printing company.
THANX offers a wide range of cool merchandising goodies for businesses, cultural events, record companies
music bands and festivals.
The past two decades THANX has been the supplier of merchandise goods for a number of
well-known Dutch bands, such as Urban Dance Squad and Claw Boys Claw.
Additionally, since 1993 THANX merchandising prints the official t-shirts for the legendary
and world's oldest Pinkpop music festival.
E-mail us for information on the merchandise we can print, our pricelist
and details on artwork supplies. We'll always try to answer e-mails within 24 hours!


                                      Thanx Merchandising and Textile Printing

                                               Groot Mijdrechtstraat 34 achter 
                                            3641RW Mijdrecht, The Netherlands
                                        Tel; 0031 (0) 297 286605